Suite of Services


Scope of practice . . .

  • Child, Youth & Adult Mental Health

  • Forensic Mental Health (Youth and Adult)     

  • Job Seeker Training, Assessment & Counselling  

  • Facilitation and Creation of Training Packages 

  • Self Esteem, Bullying, Social Skills Development

  • Anger Management Counselling, Training and Programs

  • Alcohol and Drug Relapse Prevention & Psycho-education

  • Relationship Issues, Couples Counselling, Family Counselling

Referral Process . . .

Referrals are accepted via email,  provide a 24 / 48 hour turn around time to allow triage and follow up which will be provided directly to referring party.


  • Please fill out all information requested in referral, to provide for an accurate triage assessment and determination of suitability for outreach services.

  • If you are a Service Provider undertaking referral for client, please ensure client is aware of referral and has provided consent to share their information.

  • Please attach Mental Health Care Plan, appointments will not occur until a copy of this plan has been received to ensure client is eligible for Medicare Bulk Billing

  • If you are through Work Cover, please provide your work cover provider number

  • Clients through DVA, please provide your DVA Number with referral

  • Waitlist timeframes will be advised when there is a backlog and if wait lists exceed two (2) week timeframe, alternate service options will be provided to ensure safe practice and wellbeing of client.



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